REGARDING Bramwell Speaks Out (LET, January 28), Tim Sherwood says he doesn't want to leave Blackburn Rovers, and that he is very disappointed at being unable to agree terms.

Well, I don't know who he is trying to convince - perhaps he should look in the mirror.

I disagree with Neil Bramwell's comments that every worker ''looks after number one and strives for the best possible deal.''

This rule applies to only a select few who believe they can dictate what pay they receive from their employer.

Footballers like Sherwood are such people. Most people (lucky enough to be in employment) would like to be paid more, but, surprise, surprise, it's normal employers, not the workers, who decide the wage structure.

Footballers like Sherwood are as guilty of killing off football as a spectator sport as are Sky TV and Rupert Murdoch.

Their demands for more money will soon price us all out of being able to afford to go to watch. Has Sherwood never heard the saying about ''Killing the goose that lays the golden egg?''

It is obscene that footballers are demanding as much per week as most people can earn per year.

Who else can retire at 30 to 35 years of age having earned millions?

NOEL EKE, Winterhill Cottage, Darwen.

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