I WOULD like to thank the driver whose car hit a cat on Whitebirk Road, Blackburn, late on Monday, January 18.

Yes, he did stop to see what he had hit. He got out of his car, saw it was a cat then drove off, leaving the defenceless animal in the road liable to be run over by the next car to come along.

If it wasn't for a nearby resident going to the cat's aid, I wouldn't like to have seen the outcome.

The cat was injured, but jumped out of the arms of the good samaritan and went into hiding. I just hope it managed to get back home and didn't go off to die.

Why are some people so heartless? I hope this driver reads this and feels ashamed.

If he has animals, I hope he never goes through something like this, because I'm sure it would upset him and make him feel some hatred towards the motorist.

S D ALMOND, Whitebirk Road, Intack, Blackburn.

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