ENOUGH is enough. Not only has Burnley Council's Labour group sold out on its principles, it has thrown out its false teeth as well.

What I can't understand is why a disgraced former Labour councillor has been selected by the Labour group to represent Burnley.

I and many others don't want the likes of Councillor Eddie Fisk to represent Burnley this year or next year.

Fisk is not good enough because Burnley's chief executive found against him for ignoring council procedures. We don't want him because the Labour Party found against him and said he could not stand as a Labour candidate.

And the Labour group should not want him because he has stabbed them in the back for crossing over to the enemy camp.

If he becomes mayor, Burnley will be a laughing stock yet again. It will be another foolish decision to add to the list of all the past blunders.

We deserve to be treated better than this.

NORMAN GREGSON, Fifth Avenue, Burnley.

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