PARENTS of twins could soon get a helping hand thanks to the efforts of a sympathetic mum.

Samantha Holden, of New Lane, Oswaldtwistle, knows all about the demands of bringing up two tiny toddlers, having seven-month-old twins herself called Maddie and Evi.

And now she is hoping to share her experiences with parents in a similar situation by forming a new group to help people cope with the extra strain.

"When I had my twins at Queens Park Hospital there didn't seem to be that much help available," said Samantha.

"It wasn't too bad for me because I'd already had two children but for parents who are expecting twins as their first children it must be frightening because it can be hard work."

Lives of couples are never the same after the birth of a new baby. Trying to cope with the arrival of two is doubly demanding, not to mention twice as costly. Multi-births are also on the increase thanks to major advances in medical science and programmes like IVF. But through the new group, like-minded parents will be able to buy and swap equipment, share their experiences and offer support and advice to each other on how to cope.

"This new group will basically allow couples with twins and couples expecting twins to meet other people in the same situation," said Samantha.

"There are lots of different tips that could help couples to manage but unless they have a very good health visitor they may never know about them.

"There is also quite a high death rate at birth amongst twins and we can offer help and support to couples who have suffered a bereavement."

Samantha has been in contact with TAMBA, the Twin and Multiple Birth Association, and hopes to hold her first meeting on Monday March 1.

Anyone requiring further information should contact her on 01254 381380.

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