POLICE in Lancashire are failing to reach tough targets for reducing the county's crime rate set by force bosses.

Every year the force is set performance targets in a wide range of areas from reducing crime to cutting down on accidents.

And this year police chiefs wanted to see crime rates across the county reduced by at least five per cent.

But the results have been disappointing, with a reduction of 0.04 per cent of overall crime in the first nine months of the year.

The situation could have been far worse but recent changes in the way crime figures are collected have been taken into account.

But the detection rates for violent offences have increased steadily in recent years and have far exceeded the target.

The figures will be discussed at the next meeting of the police authority's policing committee.

A report says: "It must be remembered that the increase is a result of like-for-like comparison with last year's crimes.

"The actual crimes for this year have shown a greater increase due to changes in the counting rules."

Other areas where the police have failed to meet targets include reducing the amount of public nuisance and disorder.

But there have been successes in improving road safety and responding to emergencies.

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