I FULLY agree with Marjorie McCarthy (Letters, January 26) that the councillors of Blackburn with Darwen are not representing the views of the people.

This is again reflected in the proposal to close Blackamoor school which is held in such high regard by the local community. This plan is totally opposed by everyone I have spoken to. The only people who favour this closure appear to be the councillors themselves.

How many of them have visited the school or know anything about the children who attend? Did they bother to consult with anyone apart from one or two highly-paid officers of the authority, who will have probably moved to pastures new by the time their disastrous policies have been implemented.

I urge the councillors to talk to the people who really matter - the parents and the pupils.

If common sense and right prevail, then they will keep this thriving and popular school open. The closure of a large special school which tries to meet the needs of all is not on.

L ADAMS, Preston New Road, Blackburn.

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