FRIENDS fanatic Christine Ratcliffe is planning to settle down with some pals of her own to watch all 96 episodes of the TV series - to raise money for charity.

The 36-hour TV tune-in will take place at Pendleside Hospice, Reedley, next month and organisers hope up to 40 fund-raisers will settle down for the Friends frenzy.

Christine, 28, of Ruskin Grove, Hapton, dreamed up the idea after becoming involved in the hospice's newly-formed events fund-raising team.

"I've got all the videos of the first four series and Friends is popular with a lot of the people I know so I thought I might as well make use of what I've got," explained Christine.

"I've watched all the episodes but not in one go like this.

"I've got some of my friends involved and the event is open to anyone who wants to come along. We're hoping for around 40 people but if there are a few more that will be okay."

The fund-raisers will start viewing at 7pm on Friday, March 19, and keep watching square-eyed until the following Sunday with breaks for a quick nap and refreshments. They will take in all the story-lines, starting with Ross wishing he was married and Rachel walking in to the final scene as Ross marries Emily.

Anyone interested in taking part can contact the hospice on 01282 440100 or Christine on 01282 775176. There is no charge but participants are expected to raise sponsorship to help the hospice.

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