A MAN was seriously injured in a mysterious fall from a house window today.

Frank Mulholland, 34, suffered severe cuts to his face and groin when he plunged 15ft from the upstairs window of his home in Dove Lane, Darwen.

He was taken to Blackburn Infirmary shortly after 2am today and was "very poorly but stable" in the intensive care unit.

PC Peter Clark stepped in to drive the ambulance to allow paramedics to treat Mr Mulholland, who lives with his partner Maureen Sharples, because of the large amount of blood he was losing.

A 15-year-old youth has been arrested was due to be questioned by police today.

Inspector Stuart Coates, of Darwen police, said: "It appears Mr Mulholland fell from the first floor window and landed on the pavement.

"A combination of glass and the impact caused the injuries. We are looking at the circumstances in which the fall occurred."

Shocked neighbour Alice Bennett, 77, said: "They've only been living in the house for about a week. They used to live further up the road. I only know them to say hello to but this is terrible."

Maureen Sharples was still at the house today but refused to talk about the incident.

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