Peter White on the cup ambitions of both sides in tomorrow's 5th round clash

FOR Brian Kidd the FA Cup is very much a bonus.

For Ruud Gullit, his opposite number in the Newcastle camp, it could well spell the difference between success and failure.

The Rovers boss goes into tomorrow's Tyneside showdown with only one thought on his mind - and it isn't a dream of visiting Wembley in May.

"Premiership survival is our only priority," he declares without a moment's hesitation.

Despite his public reservations, however, Kidd will want to win tomorrow's tie as much as any of the 15 other bosses left in the competition.

And he will ensure his players feel the same way.

"No game is different and we want to do well. But I am not kidding myself, staying in the Premiership is the utmost for us," he insisted.

"In the cold light of day, that is a fact. Survival is the most important thing.

"The lads have done really well, working hard in training as well, but it is going to be something of a rollercoaster ride to the end of the season." Gullit has already found himself aboard a rollercoaster since taking over from Kenny Dalglish.

Constant rumblings of a rift between him and his players, in particular Alan Shearer, have been vehemently denied.

But the critics have only been quietened by what has happened on the field and Shearer himself pointed out that confidence was "sky-high" after a run of victories.

With Newcastle way off the pace in the Premiership, and long shots for a UEFA Cup place, the FA Cup presents the only realistic chance of success on Tyneside this season.

So all of Gullit's eggs are in tomorrow's basket.

Yet he believes they are on the right tracks: "People understand very well what is going on in the club and what the difficulties are. So that pleases me. Rome wasn't built in one day.

"You need some time to get things how you want them and we're going to get it right.

"The future of this club is very bright. It looks very good and we'll continue doing what we have to do."

Nevertheless, he is still the man under pressure to succeed tomorrow.

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