YOUNG dancers tiptoed their way to stardom as Nelson Ballet Festival attracted more than 800 entries.

More than 100 dancers took part in the event at Pendle Hippodrome, Colne, each completing at least seven solo performances and duets.

The organisers for more than 30 years, Lawrence Mutter, chairman, and his wife Muriel, secretary, were delighted with the turnout. They had so many entries an extra day had to be added.

Mrs Mutter said: "The festival has been as successful as ever. It is a heat for the All England Festival which is held every two years and dancers who get 84 or more points get a chance to compete at the final in Rotherham and from there it is off to London. We have had some very high marks and very good entries."

Dancers travelled from Lancashire, St Helens, Sheffield and Formby to take part.

ZTrophy winners: Constance Grant Trophy, Sophie Towers, Burnley; Avid Tonge National Trophy, Sophie Towers, Burnley; Elizabeth Hill Trophy, Catherine O'Connell, Nelson; Fiona Garside Trophy, Helen O'Connell, Nelson; Mrs Parkinson Trophy, Sophie Towers, Burnley, and Lindsey Murray, Rawtenstall; Susan Chippendale Senior Trophy, Helen O'Connell, Nelson; Barnoldswick Round Table Trophy, Zoe McLaney, Barnoldswick; Jill Shorten Trophy, Helen O'Connell, Nelson; Burnley College Trophy, Sophie Towers, Burnley.

Mrs Kershaw Memorial Trophy, Tierney Heap, Haslingden; Elizabeth Ann Shield, Tierney Heap, Haslingden, Laura Davies and Mary Green, Rossendale; Effie Holden Novice Junior Trophy, Holly Bingham, Rawtenstall; Nelson Festival Boys' Trophy, Roger Nuttall, Accrington Dance Centre.

Age 13 and 14 years, ballet, 3. Lindsey Murray, Haslingden; character, 2. Lindsey Murray, Haslingden.

Age 15 but under 22 years, Greek, 3. Catherine O'Connell, Nelson.

Senior non-cabaret duet, 1. Lindsey Murray, Haslingden and Sophie Towers, Burnley; 2. Rhian Glover, Bacup, and Rianne Lord, Ramsbottom.

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