A PLAN to reduce serious accidents on a notorious road has been backed by councillors.

Hyndburn's environmental committee agreed traffic calming measures for Grane Road.

The Blackburn to Haslingden route has become known as East Lancashire's "death road" following 83 deaths and injuries during the last two years.

Residents formed an association to call for reduced speeds on the road, which they claim is being used as a rat run.

Now traffic chiefs have drawn up proposals to reduce the risks.

Members were asked to support a £5,000 scheme for a road-narrowing 'gateway' feature, rumble strips and a reduction of the speed limit to 40mph in Belthorn, between Kendal Row and the junction of Belthorn Road and Elton Road.

The speed limit between Belthorn and the border with Rossendale will be brought down to 50mph.

A similar limit will be enforced between Haslingden Cemetery and Belthorn and a 40mph limit introduced between Belthorn and Blackburn.

Rossendale Council will also fund a mini-roundabout and a gateway feature at the junction of Grane Road and Helmshore Road.

Lancashire County Council is set to pay for improved road signs and road markings and is considering speed cameras. Police have also been asked to erect signs warning of the road's accident record.

David Law, group engineer, said: "There has been a public outcry about the increase in traffic volume and worrying speeds on Grane Road.

"Speed limits will be reduced along the whole length of the road because of frequent poor weather and road conditions and the tight and blind bends."

The work starts in April and should be completed by summer.

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