I WOULD have thought Ron Atkinson had enough on his plate with the problems he has in keeping Nottingham Forest in the Premiership, but it doesn't seem to interfere with his TV work - turning up at Manchester United's European games (home and away), and going to the Worthington Cup semi-finals for ITV.

No doubt, he'll be at the Worthington Cup Final and also in the San Siro Stadium tomorrow watching Manchester United play Inter Milan in the second leg.

If he really cared about his job at Nottingham Forest, he would give it 100 per cent commitment instead of gallivanting round Britain and Europe watching games that don't really concern him.

For me, Nottingham Forest have made a big mistake in appointing him because it's obvious he'd rather do his TV work than try to keep Forest in the top flight.

It's not a case of him needing the money, is it?

M HIBBERT, Ivan Street, Burnley.

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