RESULTS (Saturday) - Under 10: Readstone Utd 0, Colne Clarets 3.

Under 11: Brierfield Celtic 0, Barrowford Celtic 11; Junior Clarets 3, Fulledge Colts 1; Michelin 4, Ighten Leigh 4.

Under 15: Padiham White Horse 1, Michelin Colts 3.

Sunday - Under 10: Borrowdale Utd 1, Barrowford Celtic 9; Brunlea 0, Brierfield Celtic 5; Fulledge Colts 3, Foulridge Minors 3; Junior Clarets 1, Salterforth Boys 3; Michelin Tigers 8 West End 2.

Under 11: Borrowdale Utd 4, Belvedere 1; Brierfield Celtic 0, Colne Clarets 6; Brunlea 0, Readstone Utd 3; Foulridge Minors 1, Clitheroe Wolves 5.

Under 12 Red: Knuzden Juniors 8, West End 0.

Under 12 Blue: Bacup Borough 1, Readstone Utd 5; Salterforth Boys 2, Barnoldswick Utd 1.

Under 13: Brierfield Celtic 2, Belvedere 2; Colne Clarets 2, Knuzden Juniors 3; Padiham White Horse 6, Borrowdale Utd 0; Salterforth Boys 1, Clitheroe Wolves 1.

Under 14: Bacup Borough 3, Todmorden Colts 3; Brierfield Celtic 0, Michelin 9; Colne Clarets 10, Fulledge Colts 0; Ighten Leigh 2, Junior Clarets 1; Readstone Utd 3, Colts Borrowdale 1; Rolls Royce Juniors 12, Borrowdale Utd 0.

Under 15: Junior Clarets 1, Clitheroe Wolves 4; Readstone Utd 4, Brierfield Celtic 0; Rossendale Valley 3, Foulridge Minors 1.

Under 16: Clitheroe Wolves 5, Brunlea 2; Fulledge Colts 1, Huncoat Utd 7; Junior Clarets 2, Colne Clarets 1; Todmorden Colts 3, Rossendale Valley 3.

Fixtures for Sunday - Under 10: Borrowdale Utd v West End (Prairie) 1.15pm; Brunlea v Barrowford Celtic (Towneley) 10.30am; Fulledge Colts v Brierfield Celtic (Towneley) 10.30am; Junior Clarets v Foulridge Minors (Disraeli St) 12.45pm. Under 11: Belvedere v Barrowford Celtic (Towneley) 10.30am; Clitheroe Wolves v Readstone Utd (Roefield) 10.30am; Colne Clarets v Junior Clarets (Trawden) 12.30pm; Foulridge Minors v Michelin; Fulledge Colts v Brierfield Celtic (Towneley); Ighten Leigh v Brunlea (Sycamore Ave) 2pm.

Under 12 Red: Barrowford Celtic v Junior Clarets (Swinden) 1p; Foulridge Minors v Brunlea (Sough Park) 1.30pm; Fulledge Colts v West End (Towneley) 10.30am; Michelin v Knuzden Juniors (Towneley).

Under 12 Blue: Belvedere v Barnoldswick Utd (Towneley) 10.30am; Borrowdale Utd v Bacup Borough (Barden) 1.15pm; Colne Clarets v Ighten Leigh; Readstone Utd v Salterforth Boys (Towneley).

Under 13: Barrowford Celtic v Brierfield Celtic (Swinden) 1pm; Belvedere v Junior Clarets (Towneley) 10.30am; Borrowdale Utd v Clitheroe Wolves (Barden) 11am; Colne Clarets v Bacup Borough (Trawden) 12.30pm; Fulledge Colts v Padiham White Horse (Towneley) 10.30am; Knuzden Juniors v Salterforth Boys (Pleckgate) 11am.

Under 14: Colne Clarets v Michelin (Trawden) 10.30am; Junior Clarets v Brierfield Celtic (Swinden) 1pm; Readstone Utd v Bacup Borough (Towneley) 10.30am; Rolls Royce Juniors v Fulledge Colts (Rolls Royce) 1pm; Todmorden Colts v Ighten Leigh (Harley Wood) 10.30am.

Under 15: Junior Clarets v Colne Clarets (Stoneyholme) 11am; Readstone Utd v Clitheroe Wolves (Roefield) 10.30am; Rosendale Valley v Brierfield Celtic (Haslingden SC) 1.30pm.

Under 16: Brunlea v Fulledge Colts (Prairie) 1pm; Colne Clarets v Clitheroe Wolves (Trawden) 10.30am; Junior Clarets v Huncoat Utd (Stoneyholme) 1pm; Todmorden Colts v Borrowdale Utd (Centre Vale) 10.30am.

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