THE government's proposals, tightening up the laws concerning door-to-door salesmen are, surely, welcome.

Many are only carrying out their job in a correct manner, but there are the rogue and bogus ones, pressurising people and who take advantage of the elderly and others who may be easily led.

They have been known to adopt downright crooked and sinister methods of pushing their product - even lying.

The customer will, under the new law, be safeguarded, with an opt-out within a given length of time, but this will not cover small sales, possibly those under £25.

Will the same apply to the politicians, when election time comes round?

How many have knocked on doors and made false promises to secure a seat in parliament?

I don't believe many of the current crop would be resting too easily if this was against the law.

MR K SOWERBUTTS, Southwood Drive, Baxenden.

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