I WOULD like to draw attention to the disgraceful situation of the pupils who attend St Wilfrid's High School in Blackburn.

Due to the two separate locations - at Shakespeare Street and St Peter's Street - pupils have to walk along King Street, sometimes three or four times a day.

Apart from the danger from traffic and other reasons, the children are getting soaked through with the rain three or four times a day.

They are also having to walk three or four miles a day between school with their heavy school bags and therefore are tired and below their best to receive teaching. They are also losing a considerable amount of teaching time a day.

Some two or three years ago, the school was supposed to move to a new site to overcome all these problems. Is it not time the governors and the local authority got their act together, especially as the government have given their full support to building new church schools?

E G HARFLETT (Mr), Northbank Avenue, Blackburn.

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