WORRIED residents in one of Burnley's most crime ridden areas were assured by police that they would see an improvement in their neighbourhood.

Local people voiced their fears at the latest Burnley Police and Community Forum, held at Burnley Wood Primary School, expressing concerns over the number of burglaries and drug incidents in the area.

They were told by police that more would be done to protect the residents and that crime would be reduced.

Several new schemes are being tested, including making lists of known offenders in the area, with details of their addresses, ages and convictions.

A Cocoon Watch has been established to protect burglary victims from being burgled again.

Sergeant John Edmondson explained how advice packages would be given to victims and neighbours would be warned. He said: The saying is lightening never strikes twice - but unfortunately it does and we want to catch these people. We promise to be at a crime scene within one hour, investigate the crime and explain how to stop it happening again."

The police supported ideas by residents of making lists of suspicious activities, publicising the Crimestoppers number and creating more Neighbourhood Watch areas.

Commander of the Pennine Division, Superintendent Mike Griffin, said: "Let's go that little bit further to get something working and make it better in Burnley Wood. Let's get people on every block looking out for others and joining in.

"The message we are trying to sell is that it will be dangerous for drug dealers to live here. I want them to move out of the division and every little bit helps towards that."

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