ON the Bank Holiday Monday (Mat 31) I spent 10 minutes going round the stalls of what was supposed to be a Petticoat Lane event in Darwen town centre.

They were full of what I can only describe as car boot sale rubbish that should have been thrown away 20 years ago.

The only people that may be slightly grateful for this sort of stuff are the Kosovar Albanian refugees who have just come to this country.

Instead of passing all the rubbish on to the people of Darwen, they should have sorted through it all and gave all the half-decent stuff the refugees.

A tip for the organisers for next year would be to sort through all the stuff and put on a few more attractions to give the people of Darwen something they would want to go to, instead of not wanting to be caught dead there.

ROY P DAVIES, Olive Lane, Darwen.

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