TONY Blair seems to think that the public's concern about genetically-engineered food is purely mass hysteria.

Maybe he has not heard the concerns being expressed by the medical associations, or of the court cases against the suppliers of GM seeds in America.

His advisers are probably the ones who told us there was no possible danger from eating beef from BSE-infected cows.

Recently, there was a case of cross-breeding, by conventional methods, of potatoes, which resulted in a potato that was poisonous. If this can happen by 'natural' means, what may happen with cross-breeding with genes of different species?

Before a drug can be released on the market it is presumed harmful until it is proved safe, but it would appear that GM foods are safe until proved harmful. Unlike drugs, once the damage is done by GM crops it is impossible to undo.

L LAWES, Bold Street, Blackburn.

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