A DRUNKEN thief pushing a stolen car encountered a police patrol - and asked them to move their vehicle out of his way so he get by.

The officers saw construction worker Kirk Lee Whittam, 21, pushing a Ford Escort in Bradshaw Street East, Accrington. They saw the car window was broken and arrested him, Hyndburn magistrates heard.

He was found to be more than twice the alcohol limit for driving.

Whittam, of Dowry Street, Accrington, admitted driving with excess alcohol, taking a motor vehicle without consent, driving without a valid licence, driving without insurance and driving without a test certificate.

He was fined £490 and ordered to pay £75 compensation for damage to the Ford Escort, which belonged to a Mr Savage. He was banned from driving for three years and ordered to pay £45 costs.

Richard Prew, defending, said the only explanation Whittam could offer for his strange behaviour was he had been drinking.

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