A GERMAN drug dealer who escaped from prison in his home country fled to Accrington, where he was arrested in possession of a stolen car, British passports and Lancashire Police warrant cards.

Eugen Grombach, 32, who gave his address as Wilfred Street, Accrington, appeared before Hyndburn magistrates charged with possessing false instruments and five charges of handling stolen goods.

Magistrates agreed to discontinue the charges against Grombach in order for him to face extradition proceedings and be returned to prison in Germany.

Elizabeth Reed, prosecuting, said Grombach had received a four-year sentence at Munich Regional Court for possessing two kilos of heroin, 1.8 kilos of cocaine, 500 grams of cannabis and 1.25 kilos of amphetamine.

Mrs Reed said Grombach was stopped in the Accrington area on May 17 on suspicion of theft, while driving a stolen BMW car.

Police officers searched the car and found stolen registration plates, blank vehicle registration forms, a number of British passports, Lancashire Constabulary police warrant cards and a medical card.

She said: "The defendant is wanted in Germany. He was serving a sentence from which he escaped. A warrant was issued for his arrest by Bow Street magistrates in London for extradition on May 27."

Mrs Reed said that from London she expected Grombach to be transported to Germany to serve the remaining 838 days of his sentence. The defence made no representations.

After the hearing, Grombach was arrested by police officers inside the dock so he could be taken to London.

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