Demo Den

DEPOT NINE: Untitled - This three-track demo is the first part of a double offering by the Accrington indie outfit.

Featuring seven songs, the band's two CDs are being released in conjunction with a string of gigs the lads have scheduled across the area.

The band consists of singer Matthew James, lead guitarist Darren Cooper, Chris Perry on bass and drummer Peter Lorenz. Their guitar-driven indie sound draws on influences including Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

It's the quality of the Darren's guitar work on the funky opening track Been Caught Fishin' that sets the song alight. Fishing may be a strange subject for a three-minute pop song but, with a sackful of excellent vocal effects and hooks, this could prove to be the highlight of their live show.

The Seahorses come to mind as the opening bars of The Move Of Time kick in. But as the John Squire-style intro makes way, the song is strengthened with a rockier feel. The heavy workload of the two guitarists builds a solid platform for Matthew's strong vocals.

Finishing this package is Warsongdub, which moves away from indie sound of its predecessors towards a more drum and bass feel. The tragic story of a family ravaged by war is brought to life with a whole host of diverse guitar effects. This heart-rending track is an epic, justifying its the six and a half minute length.

Depot 9 play The Adelphi, Accrington on Friday. They are also set to play the Borough Arms, Blackburn, on December 9 and the Malt and Hops, Blackburn, on December 23.


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