MOST pub-goers across Blackburn and Darwen are in favour of landlords and entertainers standing their ground in the karaoke quarrel against the council.

In the Lancashire Evening Telegraph readers' telephone poll on a council clampdown which threatens to silence karaoke machines and traditional pub performers, 99 callers thought pub licensees and entertainers should fight against strict new safety regulations brought in by Blackburn with Darwen Council.

Just 12 callers thought the council was right in its safety-first stance.

Council chiefs say the regulations have to be applied for the safety of pub-goers in the area.

The council has lowered its licence fees for smaller premises from £586 to £100 where under 200 people are allowed in a pub until 11pm.

The council says part of the reason for its clampdown is in response to complaints from properly licensed premises about unfair competition.

Among the comments against the council made on our telephone poll were: "This is just a stupid decision. It is cheap, easy, and good entertainment. If you want to hear what entertainment is, get out to a karaoke or disco.

"I think the council should back down on this. The licensees have the right to have karaoke."

Comments supporting the council included: "I am against it because I can hear the noise four doors away.

"I think karaoke machines should not be allowed in pubs because they are a nuisance."

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