A MOTHER-of-three who supplied a wrap of heroin has walked free from court.

Anne Smalley, 28, was told by Judge David Pirie that had the supply been for profit, she would have gone to jail.

Smalley, of Basil Street, Colne, admitted possessing heroin for her own use and supplying the drug. She was put on probation for two years at Burnley Crown Court.

Paul Treble, prosecuting, said police went to search the defendant's home and saw several men standing at the front door. One ran off, officers gave chase and the man had on him a wrap of heroin. Smalley said the man had pestered her.

When police went into her home they saw a number of men downstairs.

One officer went upstairs. The defendant was in the bathroom and said: "Its in the toilet. Its personal."

In the toilet itself, police found razor blades, pieces of foil, one wrap and two £10 notes. By the side of the lavatory, they found four wraps of heroin and £55.

Anthony Cross, defending, said Smalley had been to see her doctor and was waiting for referral to a drugs rehabilitation centre.

She then hoped she would be given methadone.

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