STAFF at a travel agent's turned up for work in pyjamas and nighties - but they weren't sleepwalking.

Workers at Althams Travel branches were spared the trouble of getting dressed for work over two mornings because they were taking part in an all-day breakfast charity event.

The nationwide fund-raising push was in aid of the Cancer Research Campaign.

Branches in Colne, Rawtenstall, Accrington, Blackburn and Darwen took part in Britain's Biggest All-Day Breakfast.

"The idea was to have two days of fund-raising on a breakfast theme so we thought we would stay in our pyjamas," explained Colne branch manager Vicky Mara.

"Local firms donated food such as muffins and we served customers in return for a donation."

Cancer research campaigners in Darwen also served breakfast at Darwen Library Theatre.

Members of the Darwen committee of the Cancer Research Campaign took part in Britain's Biggest Breakfast event.

They served up tea, toast and other treats between 10am and noon.

Pictured are, from left, Vicky Mara, Kimberley Honeyman, Lynn Porter, Marylyn Clifford and Nichola Sanderson

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