A HOUSE breaker under deferred sentence to stay out of trouble kept his side of the bargain - and won his freedom and congratulations from the judge.

Mathew Tempest, 27, who had helped himself to the victim's £450 compact disc collection and sold it on, was given 100 hours' community service after Judge Raymond Bennett said he had done all that was required and it would be quite wrong to send him to prison.

The judge, sitting with two magistrates, said he was taking an unusual course, but the bench had felt it was worth a try. He went on: "We are pleased. Well done."

Tempest, of Rostle Top Road, Earby, had earlier admitted burglary and been made subject of a deferred sentence several months ago. He must pay £50 compensation.

Burnley Crown Court was told Tempest had seen his doctor about his heroin problem, had not since come to the attention of the police or courts and there were no matters pending against him. The court was told when he appeared last time,

Anthony Cross, defending, said Tempest had done what had been asked, with some success.

He was now working part-time at an engineering firm, but they could not offer him a full-time job.

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