SCOTT McKay tried to pay for his sausage and chips with a stolen box of chocolates.

But the waitress at the Chippery in Blackburn did not love Milk Tray enough to accept them in payment and the police were called.

Blackburn magistrates heard that McKay had stolen the chocolates within hours of appearing in court on charges of unauthorised possession of methadone and damaging a bed in police cells.

McKay, 23, of the Nightsafe Hostel, Bridge Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to all three offences and magistrates deferred sentence for six weeks after defence solicitor, Julian Peers, told them his client was anxious to break the cycle of custodial sentences.

Mr Peers said McKay had gone into care at the age of five and had started a life of criminality in his late teens.

Mr Peers said: "At the time he was desolate and on the street."

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