THERE has been a loud outcry, and rightfully so, over the plans for the mobile telephone company One to One to erect a 15 metre telecommunications mast at the top end of Towneley Park, in Burnley. Also, one is planned for the area of Florence Avenue on the Stoops Estate.

There is a right and a wrong place for these masts, but they should not be put in residential areas. The experts say the dangers are minimal, but how many times have experts had to admit they got it wrong when it is too late?

On Tuesday, March 14, people are invited to join residents of Brunshaw to march from the Central Library at 6pm to the town hall to hand in a petition of protest. Many councillors, from all political parties, I understand, will join us to prove this issue is in no way political, but about people power.

We, as a community, feel that we must protect the environment we live in and our people from any potential health risks.

We will support those in any other parts of our town if anyone else wants to put up one of these masts. The petition can still be signed at Johnson's Garden Centre in Spring Wood Road.

Sorry, One to One, you are not welcome in Brunshaw or any other residential sites in Burnley.

COUN ANDREW HOLDER (Independent Socialist, Brunshaw Ward), Waddington Avenue, Burnley.

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