SO, the powers that rule in Burnley are going to have the park rangers use video cameras and put little flags next to all the dog dirt (LET, February 29). What next, poison all the pigeons, disinfect the ducks?

Animal dung on the soil is at least a natural phenomenon and nature biodegrades it as it has done for millions of years.

The cycle of life remains the same: animals, including the vain, conceited human one, eat and then defecate and thus complete the natural cycle.

We have foolishly removed ourselves as much as we can from anything natural and it could be the end of us too, if we do not heed the signs - poisoned fish, dead rivers, seasons all mixed up, etc.

It is us, homo sapiens, who have thwarted nature by creating unnatural spaces such as tarmac, pavements and 'artificial' parks. How unfair to take away the dogs' natural toilet and then blame the animal.

I have tried and tried to get my dog to perch on the WC. She has no problem with that now, it's the flushing after she cannot seem to grasp.

If the council have resources to fund 'dog dirt flag putter downers' and even video cameras to film the dirty dog owners, could they not use the same cameras to catch the vandal and mugger?

The threat of them possibly being filmed and shamed might make Burnley streets cleaner and safer.

While the council is stirring up hate against dogs and their owners, the attention is taken away from much more serious social matters.

MICHELLE PICKERING (Mrs), Olympia Street, Burnley.

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