SO Chris Davies MEP (Letters, February 17) considers nationalists to be 'downright evil.'

I am sure that the majority of nationalists of whatever race will take his remarks to be very insulting.

But then again, while not wishing to insult Mr Davies, the indisputable fact is that there is no one more bigoted or illiberal than a liberal who is not getting all his own way.

Furthermore, if any nation wishes to destroy itself from within, it only needs successive governments to impose liberal policies upon the populace to ensure that this will happen.

That is what has happened in Great Britain over the past 40 years and that is why this country is in the lamentable state that it is in today.

The late Enoch Powell warned about this many years ago and he was absolutely right.

Mr Davies writes about 'lies and distortions.' Perhaps he will give us his views on the lies and distortions contained in pro-EU literature which was sent out to many schools in this country. After close examination, this pro-EU drivel was called in and pulped, so biased were its contents - all at the taxpayers' expense.

Perhaps the MEP will tell us how much public money is spent on either side of the argument?

I would respectfully suggest that anyone wishing to know what really goes on in the EU should avail themselves of an excellent book aptly entitled 'The Rotten Heart of Europe,' written by Bernard Connolly, who was, for some 15 years, a finance director of the EU and was appalled at the levels of corruption going on.

Mr Connolly 'blew the whistle' on this and was promptly sacked.

The aims of leading lights, Prodi, Kinnock and Co, was to totally destroy every nation state to create a Euro super-state in which they can live like lords while dictating to the peasants.

J K FIELDING, St Cecilia Street, Great Harwood.

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