A FLAMING jet of gas and exposed live electricity wires put firefighters in danger as they tackled a blaze started by an early morning arson attack on a house in Burnley Wood.

The house in Morley Street was well alight with flames coming from windows when fire crews arrived at 1.11am yesterday. A fire had been started next to the gas and electricity meter cupboard and had melted fittings.

Leading Firefighter Alan Ashworth said: "Things were banging and popping and there was a flaming gas jet coming out. We had to approach with extreme caution. We couldn't extinguish the gas jet otherwise there would have been a gas cloud and the danger of an explosion."

The gas jet was left burning under the supply was isolated and the gas pipe capped.

The house is in a block of empty properties and has been targeted before by fire-raisers. Other houses on the street are occupied.

Mr Ashworth added: "Not only are the people who start fires like this putting themselves in danger they are definitely putting us in danger as well."

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