PARENTS of 11 children were said to be shocked and surprised when they were ordered to pick up their teenagers from Burnley police station.

The youngsters were taken there following repeated complaints about juvenile nuisance behind shops in Burnley Road, Harle Syke, and alcohol was confiscated from five of them. Parents of another 20 teenagers were visited by police the next day.

Sergeant Martin Selway said: "The parents were very surprised to find their children had been involved in this sort of anti social behaviour. It came as quite a shock to them."

The youngsters all escaped with a verbal caution but police will continue to monitor the situation.

They hope the youngsters will go back to congregating at the award-winning shelter built especially to avoid them becoming a nuisance to local residents.

Police are also taking action following complaints of gang fights in Worsthorne village square.

Inspector Steve Hartley said there had been a lot of confrontation between local youngsters and gangs coming into the village from elsewhere.

He warned the "ringleaders" that such behaviour would not be tolerated.

Police are asking that anyone with information should contact them on 01282 425001.

The third area of special concern is Barclay Hills where juveniles have been starting fires in both empty and occupied houses.

Insp Hartley said: "This is serious and not just a prank. The penalty for arson with intent to endanger life can be life imprisonment.

"Police are not anti youth and we would like to work with them to sort out these problems, we want to work with the kids as well as the adults."

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