A DOWN'S Syndrome sufferer was today poorly in hospital after a radio aerial pierced her eye in an accident.

Joyce Holgate, 54, who lives in a county council-run home for people with learning disabilities in Grange Lane, Accrington, was taken to Blackburn Royal Infirmary after the aerial got stuck in her eye last night.

Accrington firefighters were called to the scene at 10.05pm and were asked to snip the aerial from the portable radio.

Leading firefighter Terry Nightingale said: "The radio aerial was through her eye but it was still attached to the stereo. The paramedics wanted it taking off the stereo so we snipped it, leaving six or seven inches of it."

Blackburn Infirmary said today that she was comfortable but poorly.

The home is part of the Hyndburn Supported Living Scheme for people with learning disabilities and is run by Lancashire County Council.

A spokeswoman said they were looking into what happened.

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