A THIEVING young mum who turned to drugs after her life fell apart has been jailed for three months.

Burnley magistrates heard how Kelly Marie Hennessy, 24, committed offences while on probation.

She was told that only custody was appropriate after she had failed to co-operate with non-custodial sentences.

Hennessy, of Cog Lane, Burnley, was convicted of eight breaches of probation, stealing from shop premises and resisting or obstructing a constable.

The court heard how she was spotted walking from a shop with bulging clothing and was found to be wearing a stolen coat.

Mark Williams, defending, suggested a deferred sentence, to see if Hennessy could be drug-free, offence-free and continue with the probation order.

The root cause of the defendant's offending was her misuse of drugs. When her life fell apart, she had turned to drugs and they had taken a grip.

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