KIND-hearted supermarket staff have stepped in to help a disabled woman who is caring for her sick husband and 12-year-old grandson.

After reading the Park family's story in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Blackburn superstore Asda offered to help by paying for a shower to be installed.

Shirley Park had asked for a shower to be installed at her council home on Bute Road, Blackburn, to help her care for husband Eddie, who suffers from cancer, Parkinson's disease and bronchitis, but she had been refused.

Shirley, who suffers osteoporosis, asthma and epilepsy, was forced to sponge-bathe him in the living room and was worried how the family would cope when she had operations for liver and kidney problems.

As well as paying the £100 bill for the shower, Asda staff also surprised her on Saturday with a trolley-full of groceries and - as a reward for all her hard work for her family - a bouquet of flowers.

Shirley said: "I couldn't believe it when they rang up and said they would pay for it. I filled up with tears again. I'm still a bit emotional at the moment.

"I'm just sorry it takes a store to do something like that, instead of the authorities."

Pictured: Asda events organiser Carol Davis and customer services officer Adele Tattersall, right, with Shirley Park, husband Eddie and grandson Marc, 13, and the hamper provided by the store.

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