"A NUMBER of years ago I put in place a family trust structure to own my various business interests including Blackburn Rovers.

"The structure ensures continuity of management and provides the necessary financial support for all my businesses for the foreseeable future.

"I have made known my wish to my colleagues, whom I'm confident will carry forward the policies necessary to promote and enlarge all my business interests."

These were the words of Jack Walker at the end of April this year when news of his illness was confirmed.

Rovers fans will be comforted by the words of a man they have grown to trust over his years of involvement with the club.

But questions clearly remain as to who will control the purse strings of the club following Walker's death.

The shareholders of his business intend to release details of arrangements set in place following Walker's funeral.

The overall control of will be in the hands of a Walker's Jersey-based solicitor. He will control a vast trust fund, of which funds for Blackburn Rovers will be a major part.

There is NOT, however, a separate pot of money set aside simply to run the finances of Blackburn Rovers.

The club's concerns will be addressed hand in hand with Walker's other remaining business interests.

As long ago as February 1993, Walker stated: "There's no trust been put there for an annual income. The trust has been put there to make sure the club is sound.

"It's no use going into a major project like this and something happening in the middle of it to me and then the club's left in the air."

The club is anxious to ensure everyone that their ambitions have not been affected by today's news.

And there is still ample funding available for Graeme Souness to return the club to the top flight.

Clearly, though, the club is entering a new era in which Walker's son-in-law and current director Richard Matthewman, is likely to play an important role.