TICKETS for a concert by world-famous bass John Tomlinson have been snapped up - even by thieves.

The crooks who broke into Colne Leisure Services offices stole 60 tickets for the show on February 10.

Accrington-born John - said to have the finest bass voice in the world - is singing at the concert backed by the Nelson-based Arion Male Voice Choir.

Choir chairman Neville Mitchell said: "I know tickets for the concert have been in keen demand, but this was ridiculous."

But there is no danger that, on the night, two rows at the Colne Municipal Hall will be filled with people using stolen tickets.

"We have all the numbers of the tickets, so there is no danger of anyone occupying the seats who hasn't paid for them," said Mr Mitchell.

The choir suffered another setback recently when they had to flee the hall in which they were rehearsing when a fire broke out.