RESIDENTS of the Accrington Road area of Burnley will be attending a planning meeting next Thursday to speak against a plan for flats for women coming off drugs and alcohol.

The Caring Accrington Road Residents (CARR) held a meeting at the Vanguard Centre, Bevington Close, Burnley, to discuss the West Pennine Housing Association's application for Wilfield Place and co-ordinate their response.

But the residents were disappointed to find out an application to buy the land had been withdrawn from the urban regeneration committee which met yesterday.

Member of CARR Pat Booth, said: "If the regeneration committee had been allowed to discuss this and they had decided not to sell this small piece of land, all our anxieties would have been ended.

"I cannot understand why officers of the borough council are dragging their feet on this issue.

"It is far more difficult for the borough council to meet the needs of residents through the planning process. The council had an opportunity to put an end to this problem. We will fight on."

Members of West Pennine Housing Association have knocked on doors to explain the plan to residents in the vicinity of the development and offered to put on a bus to take residents to a similar facility in Lancaster.

Member of CARR Brian Barritt said: "Residents of our area have family and close friends living very close to Burnley Women's Refuge which is also managed by West Pennine, we therefore feel we have a very good idea of the level of their management skill without having to travel to the other side of the county.

"Residents of Accrington Road will be attending the planning committee next Thursday to ensure that councillors are aware of the importance the small green open space makes to the quality of life of children and adults living in the area."

Residents are urging any money should be spent on doing up vacant properties in the area rather that building additional flats.