STAFF at a security firm can be forgiven for thinking about something other than work after their Lottery syndicate scooped £90,000.

Each of the 14 members of the syndicate at Initial Electronic Security Systems , Shadsworth Road, Blackburn, received almost £6,500 after they matched five numbers and the bonus ball last Saturday.

The numbers were 13, 17, 22, 41, 43 and 47, with the bonus ball 28. If they had matched all six, they would have in line for a share of a cool £7million.

Some of the syndicate found out on Saturday night after Elain Walton saw the numbers come up.

She said: "I phoned Marsha Bryan who is in the syndicate to tell her of the win. She then tracked down another member to a family wedding at a hotel."

Syndicate leader Vanessa Bone, found out on Sunday morning and other members did not find out until they returned to work on Monday.

"I don't think the news has sunk in yet. I think it will when the cheque clears," said Vanessa, who lives in Blackburn.

The group choose their numbers every week by allowing six members to pick numbers out of a hat. Last week they won £51 for matching four numbers.

When they returned to work, many colleagues knew of the win. It was also announced on the office PA system.

Vanessa said the win has captured the imagination of staff around the firm.

"We have had a lot more join the syndicate this week," she said.

The group, which includes Vanessa Bone, Elaine Walton, Marsha Bryan, John Pixton, Nigel Trott, Steve Barker and Keith Waddon, have not made firm plans to spend the money but ideas range from holidays in the Caribbean to renovating the kitchen.

This is the latest in a long line of lottery wins in East Lancashire, including the biggest-ever single win.

In 1994, Mukhtar Mohidin, a factory worker from Little Harwood, Blackburn won £18million on a rollover. He wanted to remain anonymous, sparking a national media frenzy.

In 1995, single mother Catherine Brindle scooped £2.2 million and in 1998 a syndicate at the Philips Television Components Factory, Whitebirk, Blackburn, won £1.65 million.


1. £18 million -- Mukhtar Mohidin -- December 1994

2. £2.2 million -- Catherine Brindle -- January 1995

3. £1.65 million -- Philips Syndicate -- July 2000

4. £1.4 million -- Burnley syndicate of four with milkman Kenny Bamber -- September 1995.

5. £1.3 million -- Mark FIelden, Todmorden -- August 1998

6. £368,000 -- Mark and Sarah Sharples, Darwen -- January 1995

7. £280,000 -- Iain Atkinson, Nelson -- February 1999

8. £250,000 -- Susan Vernon, Chorley -- June 1999

9. £134,000 -- Anonymous buyer, Colne -- January 1995

10. £122,510 -- Anthony Gallagher, Blackburn -- January 1995