NEXT month the doors to Preston's Tesco Metro will close as the supermarket giant moves out to make way for fashion retailer GAP.

But the closure of the popular town centre food and grocery store will leave a gap in the hearts of Preston's shoppers -- people who have relied on the shop since it first opened its doors.

The Citizen took to the streets of Preston to discover people's views.

Patricia Reed, of Longridge, near Preston, said: "I use Tesco nearly every day and it's a shame that it's closing down.

"The advantage is that it's in a good spot and so close to work. I'll really miss it.

"I don't know where I'll go during the day to get the essential items that I need."

Rob Young, a student at the University of Central Lancashire, said: "I'll have to get a lift to a supermarket that is out of town, which in inconvenient for myself and others. It's either that or go to one of the small local shops in the area, which won't have as much of a selection."

Tesco shoppers Mr Quinn and his wife believe the move could have been handled differently.

He said: "Preston already has plenty of clothes shops. I wonder if the town really needs another one.

"There aren't many other places to go shopping for food in the centre, so I'm quite disappointed.

"Marks and Spencers sell their own selection of food, but they are more expensive and this could put people off."