POSH and Becks may be the look of Vogue but Lancashire Constabulary has collared a pin up of its own -- in the shape of dog handler Tony Ellis.

The dashing police constable is the star of the force's latest recruitment drive and his face has been plastered on posters across the county -- including Preston.

Tony, 37, who was educated in Chorley, has even been spotted on the side of buses as part of the county-wide campaign for more police officers.

And the force has knocked dreary Deirdre's 'Free the Weatherfield One' campaign into touch with a special line of its own -- featuring Tony's face on dozens of t-shirts.

The Lancashire Bobby has been a dog handler for nearly a decade and jumped at the chance of taking part in the recruitment campaign.

Tony said: "I've been ribbed a bit by the lads at work -- some have asked for my autograph -- but it's all in good humour.

"The police asked me to take part in the campaign about 18-months ago and I didn't realise they were actually using the pictures until someone told me they'd seen a poster.

"I was really shocked when I saw the size of the posters -- they're massive.

"But I don't regret taking part and I'm happy to help the force with their recruitment campaign. It's great.

But ambitious Tony has no plans to drop his police career in favour of fa life on the catwalk. "No," Tony said. "I'm not inclined toward a model career. I'm happy being a police officer -- it's a great job."