ONE of Lancaster City Council's newest employees has got on her bike to raise awareness about her role in improving the environment and quality of life for the district's residents.

Dr Joy Grayson is Lancaster City Council's environmental co-ordinator.

Since joining the local authority last October, she has been compiling a report into how Agenda 21 - a global plan of action for the 21st Century that aims to improve the quality of ours and our children's lives - can be implemented in the Lancaster district.

This week saw the launch of Lancaster City Council's public consultation exercise entitled "Sustainable Communities in the Lancaster District".

The idea is to offer everyone in the district who is concerned about quality of life, cares about the environment or would like to play a bigger part in decision making, an opportunity to be involved.

Dr Grayson believes very much that as an officer involved in the consultation she should be leading by example.

So she set about delivering the document to key contacts in the area using environmentally friendly pedal power.

Commenting on the consultation, Dr Grayson said: "Everyone can play a part in Local Agenda 21, from individuals in their own homes to community groups, schools and business organisations. It does not have to cost anything nor does it have to take a lot of time but it can be rewarding and fun. At least I'm hoping cycling around the area will be fun.

"Of course, no-one can do everything but we can all do our bit. Pedalling around Lancaster to deliver the documents is me doing my bit. Local Agenda 21 and sustainable development are about doing just that - making continuous improvements to our environment and to our well being within our communities. The overall aim is to improve the quality of our lives and our children's lives."

Dr Grayson added: "This is the beginning of a Local Agenda Plan for the District. The consultation document is a start to co-ordinating local plans and actions. It recognises that a great deal has already been achieved throughout the district by local communities, businesses the local authority and other agencies."

If you would like to see a copy of the discussion document you will find it in a variety of venues including local libraries, Lancaster and Morecambe town halls and on the city council's web site