A CANDLELIT vigil is being held in Nelson town centre to mark the country's first Holocaust Memorial Day.

Organised by Pendle Council, the event was set up as a national mark of respect for all victims of Nazi persecution and will take place in the Place De Creil on Saturday, January 27.

The government said it hoped the memorial day would become an annual event and would provide a national mark of respect for all victims of Nazi persecution, as well as raising the awareness of the Holocaust as a continuing issue for all humanity.

Councillor Colin Waite, deputy leader of the administration on Pendle Council, said: "The Holocaust is an issue for everyone.

"It was a catastrophe for all of humanity.

"The more recent human tragedies and atrocities in the world serve to remind us of the importance of learning the lessons of the Holocaust and we must promote a society that is free of the evils of prejudice and racism."

The vigil will take place between 4pm and 5pm and people of all faiths are welcome.