ST ANNES YMCA A take over at the top of the Premier Division of the Lytham St Annes and District Table Tennis League following the Christmas break after being awarded a 10-0 walkover from Ansdell Arena C who were unable to raise a team for the match.

First Division leaders Lytham Ex Service B are just ten points clear of rivals Ansdell Arena E after their hard-earned 6-4 victory over Prebond B but also have a game in hand.

Carleton C scrambled to a 5-5 draw with third-placed Lytham Ex Service C to remain unbeaten in the second division.

Lytham Ex Service D improved their chances of promotion with a good 9-1 victory over AXA (Guardian) D to take second place seven points behind the leaders, and have one game in hand.

Results: Premier Division -- Prebond A 2, Ansdell Arena C 8; St Annes YMCA A 10, Ansdell Arena B 0. RESULTS of the Lytham St Annes & District Table Tennis League:

First Division -- Ansdell Arena D 1, Ansdell Arena E 9; AXA (Guardian) A 7, Seasiders B 3; Lytham Ex Service A 6, AXA (Guardian) B 4; Ansdell Arena E 9, St Annes YMCA B 1; Prebond B 4, Lytham Ex Service B 6; AXA (Guardian) B 6, Ansdell Arena E 4.

Second Division -- Carleton C 6, St Thomas Church B 4; Ansdell Arena G 0, Lytham Ex Service D 10; Ansdell Arena F 4, Prebond C 6; AXA (Guardian) C 9, Lytham Ex Service C 1; Carleton C 8, Ansdell Arena G 2; St Thomas Church B 3, AXA (Guardian) D 7; Rotary Club of Lytham 7, AXA (Guardian) C 3; Ansdell Arena G 3, Ansdell Arena F 7; AXA (Guardian) S 1, Lytham Ex Service D 9; Lytham Ex Service C 5, Carleton C 5; Prebond C 6, St Thomas Church B 4.