At this exciting time in Blackpool FC's history The Citizen is giving fans the opportunity to express their views about the future of the club by featuring regular articles by the fans in the stands called Standpoint.

The opening feature is by members of Real Progress, the independent supporters association for supporters of the Blackpool FC.

I WOULD like to inform your readers about Real Progress, a new independent supporters association for fans of Blackpool Football Club.

Although based locally, we already have members the length and breadth of the country who share a passion for the club and who want most of all to see it flourish again.

We are totally independent - membership of Real Progress doesn't conflict with any other group.

As a starting point, we are organising a huge survey of lapsed fans.

If you used to come to Bloomfield Road, and have found something else to do with your Saturdays, we'd like to know why.

The results of the survey will be presented to the club. Already we are meeting the club's representatives for extensive discussions about the state of the new development.

We seek, above all, to be positive, representing fans concerns and ensuring that supporter's views are heard by the club.

What do we mean by REAL PROGRESS?

Real Progress - to a Blackpool supporter - takes many forms.

Firstly, it takes the form of a continued, steady rise up the table, out of Division Three and beyond - an end to the years of gradual decline.

Real Progress takes the form of the new stadium, delivered rather than simply planned and discussed, a fitting place for Blackpool to play football.

Real Progress takes the form of new investment in the club in general, and the squad in particular.

Real Progress takes the form of bigger crowds, the return of the stay-aways, the growth of a new fan base.

Real Progress takes the form of a renewed sense of pride in the Football Club we love, a club with a unique heritage and place in the Football folklore of this country.

All of this - and more - forms the agenda of the new Independent Supporters Association, Real Progress. We are grateful to The Citizen for giving us the opportunity to air our views.

If you - like us - feel passionate about the club- whether you currently come to matches of not - we'd like to hear from you.

Damian Feeney

For more details about Real Progress, and to take part in our lapsed fans survey contact:

Rob Frowen,

89 South Park Lytham (e-mail:

IF you would like to express your opinions about Blackpool FC or about football generally write to Standpoint, Citizen Sportsdesk, St Annes Buildings, Clifton Drive North, St Annes, FY8 2NA.