HEDLEY Haigh is still pulling pints at the age of 80 -- and you certainly couldn't accuse him of being Old Peculier!

Believed to be the oldest barman in the Fylde, Hedley was honoured this week with a special party to thank him for his dedication to the job.

Hedley, who has been pulling pints for punters at The Taps pub, Lytham, for the last 12 years, turned 80 on January 22 and managers June and Ian Rigg organised the party in his honour.

June told The Citizen that Hedley, originally from Huddersfield, retired to Ansdell in 1988 and took on a part-time job at The Taps. She said: "We took over the pub in 1992 and Hedley was here then, as he still is today."

He was previously a wholesaler butcher and abattoir manager, and says he only wanted "a little retirement job" but liked it so much he stayed. He explained: "I knew there was going to be a small party but when I arrived there were more than 50 regulars and ex-colleagues there. They even baked me a wonderful cake in the shape of -- what else -- a pint of beer and there was also a portrait of me by local artist Jimmy Swartz."

"I enjoy my work because you are meeting people all the time, and there is always something interesting happening. The bosses are nice and the people are great. I enjoy it so much I would do it for free -- and coming from a Yorkshireman that must be good!".

Landlady June added: "To have someone of his age working here for so long because he likes us and the job is lovely to hear. Hedley is great and everyone who drinks in here knows him -- you could say he's an institution!"