A COMPANY is believed to have come forward with an interest in moving into Darwen Technical School after its renovation.

The unnamed company is believed to have approached American owners Burbery International with a view to taking on the Union Street building after renovation work finishes in April.

It would be the final stage in the rejuvenation of one of Darwen's most familiar buildings, which stood empty for six years after being sold by Lancashire County Council.

Workmen moved in at the start of this month after the purchase by the American company, which specialises in buying old buildings, converting them and letting them on or selling them.

Much of the exterior walls have been sandblasted, with the Victorian stonework re-appearing and part of the interior has been cleared and sandblasted to make way for an architect's office.

Representatives from Galway Associates, the company overseeing the project for Burbery International, have come from Ireland to look at the site.

The work has captured the imagination of the town. A recent giveaway of furniture saw more than 60 chairs and numerous tables taken by individuals and organisations from around Darwen.

Before April the rest of the building will be sandblasted and security railings in keeping with the present ones will be put up. Windows and window frames will be replaced and rooms inside transformed into high-tech office space.