AN angry householder is demanding action after receiving bills for gas he has never used.

Craig Dolan moved into his rented home at Crompton Place, Blackburn, 18 months ago and since then has received several gas bills -- despite the fact that there are no working gas appliances in his home.

Each new bill has been higher than the last and now Mr Dolan is facing a bill for £238 for gas he claims he has never used.

He said: "We moved in here in September 1999. When we moved in the gas fire was deemed unsafe and was disconnected by Transco.

"Even meter readers have been round and told us that the gas supply is disconnected. But about six months ago we got a gas bill from Eastern Energy for £58.

"I rang them and told then we didn't have any gas appliances, but nothing was done. Then another bill came.

"I have made four phone calls to Eastern Energy to try to sort this out, but we still keep getting bills."

Yesterday Mr Dolan, who lives in the house with his wife Sharon Smith and their three children, got another bill from the company -- this time for £238.

He said: "In December we got a letter saying somebody would be coming round to ask us why we hadn't paid our bill. I wish they would come round so they could explain to us why we are being sent gas bills when we don't even have a gas supply.

" I don't understand what is going on. We don't want to pay for something we haven't used."

A spokesman for Eastern Energy said: "It looks like Mr Dolan has been sent estimated bills automatically. I have spoken to customer services and they have reversed his account so he won't get any more bills.

"We have spoken to Transco and it looks like there is still a live gas supply at the property. Transco may have to do a site visit and if there is no need for a meter at the house it will be removed. We are sorry that this has happened."