I FEEL I have to reply to "Retired of Fleetwood" regarding the closure and transfer of residents in elderly homes.

To my knowledge -- and having followed the case -- has it even been suggested that the homes the elderly were being sent to were not good homes?

The reason so many people are upset about this is the effect the changes will have on people.

How would "Retired" like to be settled and happy in what they call home and then be told, "Sorry but we are moving you to a different home", possibly not knowing anyone there. Hard lines if you don't like it but you are moving.

Having known what traumas these changes can cause from first hand experience and having seen the results these changes can have, I feel fully justified to voice my concerns.

I am just thankful that your paper has given these concerns full coverage. I too can utter, But for the Grace of God, and mean it.

Irene de Obaitua, Stretton Avenue, Marton.