AS one of the bitter, bigotted Darweners, described by Dick Davidson (Letters, January 11), I would like to ask why shouldn't we have a good bus service with new vehicles?

On the down side, has Mr Davidson ever travelled by bus to or from Blackburn?

Believe me, the journey is nothing to brag about, although, in fairness, this is no fault of the Transport Department, just the regular road works that appear.

I wonder if the decline of our town shops has something to do with Blackburn Council. We used to have a prosperous, if small, market annexe selling tripe, fish, meat and other produce, which had been open for years until the rents and rates put local traders out of business.

Does Mr Davidson think that we appreciate the ready-made hen pen that has been part of the town centre for several months?

I should imagine that Councillor Dave Smith, cited by Mr Davidson, is rather red-faced about the car crime over Christmas, along with the disappearing dust bins in his Sunnyhurst Ward, as he is under the impression that crime is on the decrease.

Mr Davidson did not, however, remark on Councillor Paul Browne's comments about a 20-year wait to have Darwen Tower illuminated or the market hall entrance being fitted with automatic doors. The list is endless.

And if Coun Smith or Mr Davidson travelled on public transport in Darwen they would hear these remarks being passed on a daily basis.

This is by no means a political argument as every party has its faults, but just concern that Darwen is not what it used to be!

J THORNLEY (Mrs), Coniston Drive, Darwen.