A WATER-based paint plant in Lowton has helped a firm win an environmental award.

Staff at VBG have gained the ISO 14000 industrial standard for their company.

To receive the award VBG had to demonstrate a high standard of commitment to the environment in all of its operations.

One important feature was the firm's water-based paint plant at Lowton. The plant does not use harmful solvents and its waste water sewer outlet is regularly monitored.

Quality manager Steve Murden said: "It's been a real team effort." He added they would have liked to reach the required environmental standard even sooner but had to deal with other priorities first.

"Once we got started, it took us about six months to get where we wanted to go."

VBG is also committed to recycling and reuses wood that arrive with goods and supplies goods in reusable packaging.

Regular monitoring at the company ensures gas, electricity and water is used efficiently while checks on levels of noise pollution are also carried out.